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Digital Transformation in the Cloud

March 17, 2022

Government agencies have a great responsibility to serve the public. Along with providing new legislative policies, agencies are also expected to support public workforces, business needs, and individual and family programs and services. These services are expected to have fast, easy access, and secure digital connections. But as we’ve seen since the onset of the pandemic, that’s not always the case. This topic has recently been brought to the forefront with much awareness being raised around the critical need for an efficient and improved workflow between the government and its citizens.

Modern, compliant technology in the public sector, comprised of many different governmental divisions such as infrastructure, public transit, education, and healthcare — just to name a few, has never been more important. In vital areas such as these where so much relies on services that affect daily lives, it is very risky to remain complacent. Many government entities have long delayed the adoption of modern technology, but the reality is digital transformation will never go away. Today’s tech provides agencies with a more reliable and efficient path for processes and workflows to serve the public. In addition, it helps mitigate the risks of current and future privacy laws that are constantly evolving.

Compliance and Cybersecurity

Compliance is necessary to ensure all areas of the agency are minimizing risks by following industry regulations and current government legislation. A key area of concern with compliance is data privacy and protection. Advanced security is imperative in a world that is rapidly moving to digital dependence. 80% of the largest 100 US law firms have experienced some level of digital intrusion, with government contracts and international business being targeted most often.

Government is an industry that is no stranger to cyberattacks — and not just in the United States. In October 2021, hackers gained access to 165 servers at the Israeli Defense Ministry, which resulted in leaked photos, information, and compiled data.

An average worker sends and receives over 100 emails per day. That number will continue to increase as more agencies and organizations allow remote and hybrid work environments to remain in place. The move to a cloud-based document management system (DMS) can significantly reduce the risk of both external and internal security threats. Advanced security features, such as encryption and secured transmission feeds, help protect sensitive information from being seen by unauthorized users and eliminates the worry of investing in and managing expensive, complex security systems.

Security Authorizations

The Federal Bureau of Investigation saw a 400% increase in cyberattacks reported to their Cyber Division during the pandemic in comparison to pre-crisis mode. Phishing and social engineering tactics are among the popular avenues used by attackers to trick users into clicking on links in emails to solicit personal information in order to gain access to sites that seem legitimate, but are not.

Authorizations for cloud service providers help decrease the risk of security breaches. FedRAMP is the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program and has a mission to promote the adoption of cloud-based services with a transparent set of processes and standards. A DMS provider that is FedRAMP authorized means it has met rigorous compliance and security thresholds for properly protecting federal data in the cloud. Not all cloud solution providers have achieved this level of authorization. It’s a very important question to ask potential solution providers.

No Time Like the Present to Modernize

In our recent whitepaper, Digital Transformation in the Cloud & the Way Ahead, we dive into some of the plans government agencies are implementing to operate seamlessly beyond the pandemic, as well as take a look at insightful industry stats and perspectives to gain a better understanding of the ever-growing importance of a reliable DMS platform.

Technology evolves by the minute, and many agencies are being left behind. Is your solution raising the bar? It’s worth asking. The time to make a bold move with digital transformation is now.

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