What Legal Email Management Is and Why Attorneys Need It

The NetDocuments Team
Fevereiro 21, 2020

With the average office worker receiving about 126 emails per day and employees requiring upwards of 20 minutes to regain momentum after an interruption, emails can increasingly hinder — and not always help —productivity.  

When focusing on the legal profession, productivity challenges around email are often amplified as attorneys typically receive significantly more email communications than the average worker. Additionally, attorneys are required to file each email communication and associated attachments into project or matter files — adding to time spent away from critical tasks.

Luckily, legal email management systems (EMS) are here to help and can dramatically reduce the time attorneys spend in their inboxes.

In this article, we’ll be exploring what email management is, why forward-thinking legal firms are adopting email management systems, and critical questions to ask when searching for an EMS.

What is email management for law firms and in-house legal teams?

Um EMS envolve o controle sistemático de todas as comunicações por email dentro de uma organização para reduzir o risco de violação de dados ou conformidade. O uso de um EMS ajudará os advogados a aderir às políticas de dados, maximizando o tempo no escritório e garantindo que eles não percam o controle de mensagens importantes.

Legal teams of all types can and should look into overhauling their traditional email setups in favor of a system that can provide productivity enhancements for attorneys.

Pequenas e médias empresas

Small firms benefit from the ability to build complete digital matter files without adding to daily workflows. Email management systems also improve the speed and efficiency of onboarding new attorneys, free up space on email servers as the firm grows, and save precious time as attorneys tend to client needs.

Grandes empresas

An EMS provides large firms with a variety of benefits. In addition to the time savings and efficiency enhancements, an EMS makes it easy for attorneys and their staff to follow compliance policies and keep everything organized in a central location no matter where they are in the world — a huge boon when it comes to keeping track of both large-scale and minute details across multiple offices.

Equipes jurídicas corporativas

Corporate attorneys are constantly challenged to become more of true legal generalists — which means they’re working on a variety of unrelated projects with internal and external stakeholders alike. This all can lead to incredible influxes of email.

Um EMS fornece aos advogados internos uma maneira fácil de manter tudo organizado, arquivado e em andamento enquanto eles continuam a disputar suas cargas de trabalho.

Challenges of legal email management

Attorneys face unique challenges and requirements when it comes to managing email. Let’s take a look at four of the major problems that often arise:

  1. Compliance. In addition to attorneys having to answer and follow up on emails, legal professionals have ethical obligations to file, save, and store digital communications within project- or matter-based files.
  2. Collaboration. For team members to collaborate effectively, everyone needs to be on the same page. Filing emails in the appropriate folders and workspaces is necessary for everyone on the team to have access to the information they need.
  3. Consistency. You may be saving everything precisely as it’s supposed to be saved… but is the rest of your team? Achieving a consistent standard of organization is absolutely vital for everyone to find what they need, when they need it.
  4. Convenience. All the extra steps of filing emails require more time spent away from critical tasks and production. To be successful, and email management system must make it easier for attorneys to keep their inboxes streamlined and productive.

The best email management benefits for legal professionals

EMS created for legal professionals are built to help file and organize communications faster so attorneys can focus on serving their clients. With that in mind, law firm email management systems provide two main benefits: enhanced organization and maximized productivity. But that’s certainly not all they offer.

Organização Avançada

Para advogados, a organização de documentos é crítica, pois informações confidenciais são compartilhadas dezenas de vezes ao dia. Perder o controle de um e-mail que contenha material altamente confidencial ou mesmo urgente pode colocar a empresa em risco.

An EMS created with legal professionals in mind enables even the busiest employees to fully comply with standardized record-keeping policies and ethical obligations.

Imagine being able to quickly file each communication and attached document directly into a client or project’s secure matter file without ever leaving the email system — that’s entirely possible when utilizing a robust EMS that integrates directly with a document management system (DMS).

As emails are filed directly into the matter or project file, lawyers and their firms or companies will enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Risco reduzido de erros de manipulação de informações
  • Diminuição de ocorrências de informações perdidas ou rotuladas incorretamente
  • Assunto completo ou arquivos de projeto de acordo com as diretrizes éticas
  • Colaboração mais profunda entre as equipes, pois o trabalho é facilmente localizado e compartilhado

Produtividade Maximizada

Of course, improved organization alone will certainly provide a boost to any organization’s productivity, but an EMS built for legal professionals can provide so much more. Through features such as anywhere access and artificial intelligence, legal teams will have the tools they need to dramatically increase their output.

Anywhere Access

Cloud-based EMS, such as ndMail by NetDocuments, enable attorneys to file emails anywhere on any device. This means that whether they are in the car, the courtroom, or working from home, attorneys will be able to fully complete their work, leaving nothing undone.

Inteligência artificial

Com a ajuda da inteligência artificial (IA), os usuários podem frequentemente arquivar e-mails em um, ou até zero, clique ao usar um EMS diretamente em seu sistema de e-mail. Isso significa que os advogados podem manter o foco em suas tarefas e evitar alternar entre vários sistemas, interrompendo sua concentração.

How to choose the best email management solution for law firms and legal teams

While the features of an EMS depend on the specific system, there are several key features recommended to have with any vendor:


A robust EMS, like ndMail, will provide necessary integrations with a firm’s document management system (DMS) in order to mirror the organization structure in the DMS to the email system. This ensures that emails and attachments can be easily filed in the correct locations — which then increases adherence to compliance and information governance policies across the firm.

Acesso móvel

Cloud-hosted EMS solutions offer anywhere-access, making it possible for employees to search, access, and file emails, whether they’re in the office, meeting with external stakeholders, or finishing up important tasks at home.

Integrações poderosas

Um EMS deve se integrar perfeitamente com os aplicativos e ferramentas que sua equipe está usando como um todo, para melhorar a eficácia colaboração e elimine quaisquer torções nos fluxos de trabalho.

Pensando nisso, os EMS que se integram diretamente às ferramentas favoritas do advogado, como o Outlook da Microsoft e o DMS, permitem que o EMS funcione como o tecido conjuntivo para plataformas críticas e trabalhos do advogado.

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