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5 Formas de captura de tecnologia para aumentar a segurança

Brandon Cummings
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Janeiro 11, 2021

À medida que iniciamos 2021, estamos vendo como as organizações na vanguarda da tecnologia estão assumindo a segurança de maneiras mais cuidadosas para garantir a acessibilidade, aumentar a eficiência e marcar todas as caixas para aprimorar a integridade dos dados de que precisam obter Trabalho feito.

Upland’s General Manager Karen Cummings recently shared her thoughts on why capture technology is driving digital transformation, but capture is only the first part of the content journey. When it comes to managing the data you've captured and ensuring security, how can cloud capture processes provide resilient ways to tackle the challenges you face each day?

1. Controls Content Entryways

Content can arrive from nearly anywhere and from any device, and it's never been easier to send content directly to a document management system (DMS). As a general rule, users will instinctually take the easiest route for their processing. That means that making IT-approved entryways such as custom buttons on MFP panels, mobile capture, automated fax reception, or batch scanning accessible are ideal ways to save staff the time and frustration of bouncing back and forth between emails, applications, and storage folders. Enabling IT-approved content entryways can also eliminate improper scanning practices and discourage email processes riddled with security flaws.  

2. Ensures User Identification

Most compliance regulations focus heavily on ensuring auditability, so ensuring user identification is an essential piece of the compliance puzzle. Features such as controlled submission, SSO integration, and other applications such as Active Directory are critical to helping organizations identify users at the front end of the content journey. If you can easily pin down who has access or when and how data has been touched, you're on the right path to transparent, audit-ready practices.

3. Eliminates Human Error

When people are involved, let's be real, things can get complicated quickly. Between content loss, misfiling, incorrect data, and even malicious intent to steal, work generally becomes a lot simpler (and more reliable) if you automate processes to cut human intervention out of the picture. How? With a push of a button, organizations can configure automated workflows to guarantee that critical content is being extracted, organized, and securely sent to storage within applications or the DMS.

4. Allows Advanced Data Processing

Most of the time, documents arrive at organizations as flat images, and let's face it – that can be a giant headache to manage. If you're faxing a document, content arrives as a flat image alongside any scanned paper document. By using capture tools, users can automatically apply optical character recognition (OCR), which means the text on documents can be quickly deciphered by a robot. Once they're in robot-digestible format, you can automatically identify documents and key information, associate key data points with the document, and send downstream to any application or storage. You've also eliminated the potential for workers to lose data or break compliance and know content can’t be lost or leave the IT-approved path to storage.

5. Integrates With Fax

For many industries, fax is still the best way to transmit sensitive information. Nearly all regulations governing data transmission rely on fax as the means of communication. Why? Because it's secure and so simple that it's virtually impossible to hack. If you're not planning on integrating fax into processes that involve any sort of sensitive data, like credit card or financial information, or even personal identifiable information (PII) like names, emails, and addresses, you can't give your clients a comprehensive guarantee that their data is truly safe. Fax is still a big hitter when it comes to data privacy.


Organizations worldwide face a content marathon each day. In order to keep pace and remain competitive in their field, finding automated ways to manage all that content is a big deal. Organizations can infuse automation, machine learning, OCR and other advanced data management components into their content management strategy to refine processes and continue on the Digital Transformation journey.

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